Monday, 15 August 2016

Why Go On A Motorcycle Tour In India

There are plenty of ways of seeing a country as vast and as varied as India and if you are willing to get a road bike on hire, there could be no better way. While most people are of the opinion that India is what you see in the pages of glossy travel magazines and is all about the high end hotels and touristy locations, the fact is that the country exists in small lanes and villages. The more roads you traverse, the more of the beautiful country you will be able to see.

It comes as no surprise that a growing number of companies are now offering adventure motorcycle rentals, because people are realising that the best way to see this expansive country is by exploring the small nooks and corners and this is something that is not possible when you travel by air or even by rail. There are those who would argue that even when you are travelling in an air conditioned car, you get to see most of the same sights, but then you are sitting in an enclosed vehicle.

When you go on a motorcycle tour in India, not only do you get to see all these sights, you also get to enjoy the sounds and smells. Imagine driving through the tea estates of Darjeeling or Munnar – you will get to smell the fresh aromas of tea or if you are in the vicinity of temple towns of Chidambaram or Haridwar, you will get to hear the temple chants or bells, which is a truly unique experience!

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