Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Touring with Motorbike Gives You the Liberty to Discover New Things

Some people like to travel alone and that too by means of the touring motorbikes, by this way they don’t only get the privilege of deciding the route but also the extent of the tour in addition to several other advantages like having the freedom to see the sights and discover new things. However, looking it from another angle, it can create a bit of problem as well when things go a little off beam. A sudden collapse is always a headache but if you’re wandering alone then it can prove very troublesome, especially if you have to leave your bike alone. Another major concern is illness; since it can take you down anywhere at any time. Being sick is obviously a terrible feeling and it can be dreadful if you are alone and out of your territory. 

It is always a great idea to do make a proper plan before going for the tour. It will let you know where you are going to end each day, where you will be sleeping, whether in a luxurious hotel or a campsite. If you are fond of history, architecture then Rajasthanmotorcycle tour is apt for you. It is a destination with exceptionally smooth highways and the alluring desert on each side.

Motorcycle Rental Companies

There exist many companies who organize the motorbike tours and provide the bike on rent in Gurgaon and other parts of the country. They certify that the bikes they provide on rent take in all-inclusive insurance. Moreover, there is also the free repairing service within Rajasthan, Delhi, Leh, and Manali. You can also hire the mountain bikes or Royal Enfield 350 CC as per your wish.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Adventure Motorcycle Tour – Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destination

Riding a motorcycle fills every hopeless soul with a sense of ardour and excitement. Travellers across the world have an inbuilt proclivity to explore the uncultivated destinations and thereby make every opportunity to hit the lesser-explored roads count. Nowadays, motorcycle has become a fitting buddy for passionate travellers. Some of the renowned motorbikes like Ducati Scrambler ICON, Triumph Bonneville T100, and Harley Davidson are constructed for eroded and harsh roads. Witnessing longing of travellers for motorcycling escapades, some of the aspiring entrepreneurs have forayed into adventure motorcycle tours in India.

Thrust into Striking Wilderness
Motorbike tours promise the riders to give a thrilling experience. Nothing beats the immaculate beauty of hospitable densely forest wilderness, ostensibly-overwhelming ecological reserves amuse you with undying, Captivating scenery.  Undoubtedly, it will mould a lasting impression on your mind. As the time passes, good memories of bike riding will come flooding back to you over and over again.
Touring Companies
Indian motorcycle tour companies organize an adventure tour to various places across the globe. These touring companies have been making their occurrence felt across every corner of the country. These companies provide a wide selection of motorbikes in their fleet and make every possible effort to deliver a complete motorcycling experience under a single roof. Besides custom and fixed motorcycling tours, these companies let out motorbike on hire to their clients at nominal charges.

Additionally, adventure motorcycling companies make use of a team of skilful riders. These drivers accompany their clients through their motorcycling journey and endeavour to make your travelling experience heartening and worthwhile. Moreover, these companies provide their own set of equipment and accessories during motorcycling tours. Places like bike trip to Rajasthan and Leh and Ladakh are dotted with tourist destinations where an interesting experience lurks around for the tourists who flock up here every year.

On a concluding note, you should find a right adventure motorcycle tours company by going over their reviews and testimonials, accessible over the internet. Apart from this, you should also read properly all the terms and conditions as drawn up on the agreement. Hence, to make good memories and want to make your journey unforgettable and enjoyable, you must follow all the rules and regulation and carry along with you all the safety kits like helmet, boots, jacket, first aid kits, etc which is very important. 

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Enjoy Motorcycle Adventure Tours in India

There are many people around the world who loves motorcycle adventure tour in India. You can see ample of people passing by along the roads or highways using their motorbike with audacity and pride. Basically, it proffers a unique way for independent adventure travellers to explore new places, meet new people's, and most important face new challenges anywhere in the world. Even nowadays if they want to go for a tour, they prefer bike rather than car or bus as bike gives you the feeling of freedom. Thus,  Indian Motorcycle Tours gives you an eventual experience.

Thwart Bike Accidents

As a bike rider, it is important for you to take your safety tools along with you for preventing accidents. A small grievance can put you between life and death, especially when the injury is in your brain. Therefore, head injury is the very serious problem it can lead a brain haemorrhage or brain tumour. But, you can avoid all those kinds of problems most of the time if you are careful. You have to stay alert while riding a motorcycle. Pay close attention to your surroundings. You should not eat, drink, or talk on a cellular phone while driving a bike. Not only this, you should also obey all the motorbike safety rules and regulations. Many of them are injured because of not following the safety bike rules. Furthermore, try to be calmer and more obedient.

Hire Bike on Rent

 Being a motorbike rider, you can experience endless back roads and trails to enjoy  by exploring more. Apart from this, many motorcycle clubs and groups in India organize an adventurous motorbike tour every year.  They proffers motorcycle on rental in India plus they provide bike safety kits like a helmet, jacket, gloves, etc. In simple words, you do not just get a bike, you get all things needed for your trip. They provide you with helmets for your safety, maps to guide, chain lock to secure the bike when you decide to stop and take a stroll and also a basket to put whatever you want in it.
On a concluding note,  hire a bike and enjoy your adventurous tour but make sure that safety is the first priority.  If you will follow all the rules and regulations properly and carefully, thus accidental chances will get reduce.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Explore the World on Motorbike Tour

Traveling enthusiasts across the globe seize a strong liking for motorcycle adventure tours. These travelers make every possible effort to take memorable experiences while they are on a bike vacation. Touring on motorcycles is an experience which is not forgotten easily. Companies for Indian motorcycle tours help them to realize their traveling dreams. These companies have an immense range of premium motorbikes from the constant of well-known brands, like Triumph Bonneville T100, Harley Davidson Iron 883, and Royal Enfield Classic 500, among others.

Motorbikes on Rent

Companies engaged in motorcycle tours are taking giant pace in the tourism industry. Besides this, these companies let out a bike on rent in Gurgaon at nominal prices. They have their own accessories, gears, and helmets for these adventure tours. Further, these companies employ a team of skilled bikers, who are well-versed with the dominant routes across the journey and escort you through apparently-outlandish land while delivering the royal experience, both on and off the road. In addition, motorbikes available with them are constructed to meet the challenging roads, loaded with outcrop and potholes, on equal terms. Over a period of time, these companies have stretched their boundaries to cover offshore territories, including Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.

Motorbike Touring Safety Tips

Here are some motorbike safety tips mentioned below:

    Always wear helmet
    Wear gloves and boots
    Don’t forget to take first aid box
    Carry a tool box, magnetic tank bags and other necessary items that you might require.

Hence, traveling on two wheels can be fun but some precautions are to be taken. Simply keep these things in mind and make your journey a success.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Are You Planning For a Motorcycle Tour?

Motorcycle tours in India are expanding day by day. It is a truly rewarding experience as you can observe scenic delights, breathtaking views, and other natural wonders.Clubs and organizations or motorcycle manufacturer recommend bikers the opportunity to discover the world. However, there are certain risks involved with motorcycle touring. It is, therefore, important to come out with full preparation to ensure that you can exploit the experience.
·         You must check all the parts of your bike, as well as the engine performance and other essential parts of the vehicle like tires.
·         Always wear ear plugs, not just to protect your hearing but to dramatically reduce fatigue.
·         Make your emergency contact and medical information easily visible.
·         Never forget to wear the helmet.

Motorbike tours in India are always fun. Bikes will generally take you to some of the most exotic and scenic regions.Many motorbike fans view the experience of the open road.Now the problem is there are some people who don’t have a bike need  not worry because if you are bike lover you can hire a touring motorbike and enjoy your riding.

How you can make Motorcycle Tour a Success!

·         Firstly, make sure you have the right clothing.
·         Ride within the law.
·         Plan your route sensibly.
·         Take first aid kit with you.

Hence, traveling on two wheels can be fun but some precautions are to be taken. Simply keep these things in mind and make your journey a success.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Why Go On A Motorcycle Tour In India

There are plenty of ways of seeing a country as vast and as varied as India and if you are willing to get a road bike on hire, there could be no better way. While most people are of the opinion that India is what you see in the pages of glossy travel magazines and is all about the high end hotels and touristy locations, the fact is that the country exists in small lanes and villages. The more roads you traverse, the more of the beautiful country you will be able to see.

It comes as no surprise that a growing number of companies are now offering adventure motorcycle rentals, because people are realising that the best way to see this expansive country is by exploring the small nooks and corners and this is something that is not possible when you travel by air or even by rail. There are those who would argue that even when you are travelling in an air conditioned car, you get to see most of the same sights, but then you are sitting in an enclosed vehicle.

When you go on a motorcycle tour in India, not only do you get to see all these sights, you also get to enjoy the sounds and smells. Imagine driving through the tea estates of Darjeeling or Munnar – you will get to smell the fresh aromas of tea or if you are in the vicinity of temple towns of Chidambaram or Haridwar, you will get to hear the temple chants or bells, which is a truly unique experience!