Thursday, 14 July 2016

See India On Motorcycle

If someone told you that the one of the best way to see a country was on a motorbike, most of us would scoff it off, calling it a silly idea. The fact is that the joy of seeing a country like India on motorcycle, is beyond anything, because not only is it far more adventurous, but also a more intricate experience.

When you choose one destination in a country as vast as India, you know that you are not seeing it all. As a matter of fact, what most people choose to do is, travel to one area and simply see everything that is on the tourist list for that area. They will travel to that destination by air or rail, stay at some nice hotel, eat at restaurants that sit in the heart of the city, click pictures alongside the popular tourist attractions and then return home.

However, when you choose to do bike tours in India, you
get to see sides of the country, you otherwise would not. You ride through villages and towns that you would never have known existed, and when you make stops, you get to eat and live with the locals. It is an experience in itself, when you get to taste food that has been cooked with local produce and with flavours that are authentic. You could choose to camp under the stars or if you really like your worldly comforts, you could still stay at a hotel.

So, the next time you are planning a holiday, consider hire touring motorbike and experience the real India!

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